Her Name Was Celebration
03. 03. 2015

Hello! If you’re new to my blog, my name is Olivia or Liv and welcome to Her Name Was Celebration! I am mostly a personal style blogger with a few interviews and guest posts mixed in here and there. This page was made especially for New Comers so feel free to poke around my blog with my favorite posts!

One of my favorite outfit posts is Yellow Bohemian and Nostalgia. It reminds me of one of my favorite times of the year: summer!

Junior Prom Dress is when I paraded around my local park in my Junior Prom dress. It was definitely awkward but one of my all-time favorite posts ever!

I also love to sew! A day before my high school graduation, I made my graduation dress which is featured here in Floppy Hat And Graduation Dress! (Some other sewing pieces I have made are this dress set and this dress!)

When I went to college, my whole look changed a bit! I replaced skirts and dresses with high-waist pants and crop tops! Uniform shows exactly that… My new college “uniform”.

One of my favorite parts of blogging is connecting with different people from all over the world. In Q&A with Jennifer Wang from Art In Our Blood, I got to interview and talk to one of my favorite fashion bloggers! I think interviews are great ways to get to know your fellow bloggers so be on the look out for the occasional Q&A!

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